Founded by Florida-based financial advisor Jason Chepenik, the Smarter Tomorrow Foundation is on a mission to give every kid from every community a fair shot at a strong financial future. By spearheading initiatives that promote financial education for the next generation, we will empower kids everywhere to take charge of their finances and their life.


401K Race for Financial Fitness

Taking steps towards a stronger financial future for every kid

Launched in 2015, the 4.01k Race for Financial Fitness is run in cities around the country, with all proceeds donated to a local organization that provides educational workshops or seminars about financial literacy services for kids.

8 cities

joined the race


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donated to local financial literacy programs

Proceeds from the 4.01k Race for Financial Fitness have supported the following local organizations and programs.

The Boys and Girls Club: Money Matters

Money Matters promotes financial responsibility and independence among Club members ages 13 to 18. Participants learn how to manage a checking account, create a budget, save and invest, start small businesses and pay for college. A recent evaluation of 1,600 teens from more than 100 Boys & Girls Clubs demonstrated the Money Matters program helped them become smarter about money. Youth showed improvement on 94% of survey questions asked before and after taking the program in their Club.

JA More than Money®

Targeted to students in grades 3-5, JA More than Money introduces students to financial literacy and entrepreneurship, and to social studies learning objectives that include money-management skills, goods and services, and global markets. Through hands-on activities and a JA cast of characters serving as symbols for financial literacy and entrepreneurship concepts, students will learn a practical approach to starting a business and making smart decisions about managing money.

JA Finance Park®

Targeted to students in grades 6 - 8, JA Finance Park is a month-long program that introduces students to personal financial planning and career exploration. At the culmination of this teacher-led program, students visit JA Finance Park, a realistic on-site or virtual community, to put into practice what they've learned by developing and committing to a personal budget.

JA Personal Finance®

Targeted to students in grades 9 - 12, JA Personal Finance explores the fundamental elements of personal finances: earnings, saving and investing, budgeting, credit, risk management, and giving. Students apply these elements to a personal financial plan that allows them to set specific goals for their lifelong financial needs and desired quality of life.

What is Financial Literacy

Financial literacy — our future depends on it.

Too many young people aren’t learning basic financial literacy at school, at home or anywhere else. The Smarter Tomorrow Foundation is committed to expanding financial education because the future of our kids—and the communities, cities and country they will lead one day—depends on it.

Board of Directors

Vincent Morris

President of Bukaty Companies Financial Services and Resources Investment Advisors, Inc.

Jason Chepenik

Managing Partner, Chepenik Financial

Barney Chepenik

Founder, Chepenik Financial

Jay Fisher

Founder at Economic Recovery Group, LLC